Sonix-A8 is a patented technology platform that combines Photodynamic therapy and ultra-high frequency sound to produce selective lethal photosensitization to kill bacteria without any adverse effect on the patient’s own cells.

Prevents and controls Surgical Site Infections (SSI’s) and Hospital Associated Infections (HAI’s).


Sonix-A8 is a breakthrough technology with a unique mechanism of action and provides ‘a broad therapeutic window’ for dose dependent active killing of superbugs like MRSA and other gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Repeated use of our device does not cause damage to human cells.
Even repeated use doe not cause the risk of developing Antimicrobial Resistance.

Unique MOA and


Application of our technology could be for all pre, peri and post-surgical interventions to prevent and control bacterial infections at the site of the incision or at the site of surgery. Catheter site infections can all also be prevented and controlled in the hospital setting as well as in the patients homes.

Unique MOA and ‘therapeutic window’

Little or no risk of developing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Our innovative technology triggers an intrinsic biochemical pathway in bacteria that causes the bacteria to die.

Sonix-A8 is innovative technology to prevent and control ALL bacterial infections and combat Antimicrobial Resistance.