Disruptive medical device technology to prevent bacterial infections and combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) without antibiotics

As a healthcare provider infection prevention and control is paramount to improved outcomes for every patient, every time. We at Sonix Medical Devices are focused on providing non-invasive innovative solutions. In response to the alarming global public healthcare threat of AMR, Sonix Medical Devices is developing a revolutionary technology that provides antibiotic free solution to fight bacterial infections and combat AMR.

‘Sonix-A8’ is a patented breakthrough technology that kills ALL bacteria, including superbugs like MRSA and is effective on and below the skin surface, where traditional treatments can’t reach.

Our non-pharmaceutical technology is a game changer in preventing and controlling Surgical Site Infections (SSI’s) and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s). The global medical community is concerned and fighting AMR everyday. We have recognized the urgency to provide the needed robust tools to providers for their patients, at the point of care, more than ever before. Sonix Medical Devices aims to save lives globally while reducing the total cost of care through more effective, safe, and accessible treatments.


313 Million

Surgeries worldwide

3 Million

Die of HAI’s

160,000 – 300,000

SSI related infections

$41 Billion

Direct cost (SSI’s + HAI’s)

10 Million

Killed by Superbugs by year 2050

2 Million

Develop AMR of which 23,000 will die


Human infections are resistant to antibiotics

$9.8 Billion

Cost of care related to HAI’s

Sonix-A8 is innovative technology to prevent and control ALL bacterial infections and combat Antimicrobial Resistance.